Paul Harrison.

Hello and welcome…

I realised from a young age that I was an entrepreneur.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself as to how my business career has evolved.

From an early age, I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit, selling crisps to all my classmates in the school playground.
However, when I left school I fell in to the trap so many make… I got a job. What a mistake this was.

But fortunately, after ten years of working for someone else I started to work on my future and my entrepreneurial journey began.
I would love to tell you it was all success, but I would be lying if I did.

The first few years were tough as I did not have the knowledge, skills, or mindset that was required to succeed.
Eventually I met some mentors who helped me along and coupled with my own personal desire to succeed things began to change.

I wanted to:

  • Live up to the potential I knew was buried within
  • Create a better life for myself and my family
  • Reach a position where I could help others…

So far…

Husband, son, brother…

Father of 3 plus 2 Chihuahua’s

Very keen and half decent golfer

Reluctant Evertonian

Passionate about travel…

When I look back at my early adult years (18 – 30) you could say that they were wasted. I certainly didn’t have a business brain, goals or discipline.

Instead those years were spent drinking, partying, playing football, golfing and travelling. In many ways wasted, yet some of my happiest memories are from this time.

In 2006, all the stars seemed to align for me and this was my breakthrough year. I went from “under achiever” to earning 5 figures a month, consecutively, for 4 years.

During this time, my personal growth was huge. I had gone from spending Saturdays drinking with my mates to being a key note speaker to thousands of people around the world!

The recession brought this success to a grinding halt – and I lost everything, plus went about £500K in the red. This is where the real learning and life lessons began.

Fortunately at this very time I met my now wife, who when I look back was the “shining cloud’ that got me through these tough times. But you can’t keep a good man down as they say and success was not too far away, although it would have been nice to know at the time. In these dark times, I met my now friend and business partner who had suffered a similar fate. He wanted to turn his Travel Agency into a franchise business and needed someone who could sell!

Enter Paul Harrison and the rest is history…

It could be said I have been lucky along the way. However, with three major periods of success, I would say there’s no luck involved, there’s a strategy, planning, analysis, forecasts and a desire to succeed, but nothing is left to chance!

There is also bravery, a word which I believe should be associated more with the self-employed and entrepreneurs who have the courage to back themselves and follow their dreams.

If you took a look at my CV, you’d see the professional achievements in a list but personally, I don’t think this really relays the buzz, the excitement, the ambition and the real results I have achieved.

On paper, I’m a keynote speaker, a global top-ranked MLM distributor, a published author, and Co-Owner of the UK’s fastest-growing travel franchise, which looks great but misses out the incredible journey I’ve had.

Family Life

One of my main motivations for being the best is my family. As an entrepreneur and workaholic, I do try to keep my feet on the ground and while I am seduced by success my family always comes first.

I’ve immense pride in being able to give them anything they want with the money I’ve earned and with every step forward; I keep them and their happiness in mind as I try to be the very best husband, dad, and son.

Born and Bred in Liverpool, I’ve stayed close to my roots, as family and friends mean the world to me. Without their belief in my abilities and their support right at the beginning when I had nothing, I wouldn’t have owned the confidence to get where I am today. My motivation is spurred by the desire to have complete control over my life and my finances so I can be there for my family and create the lifestyle we enjoy today.

I am as ambitious in business as ever so we can live the best possible life and give our children the best possible upbringing. Of course, with a huge passion for travel, you will see it is at the centre of my past, present and future…