Paul Harrison.

How can a coach help you?

Paul Harrison

Being a home-based entrepreneur I was exposed to the concept of Personal Development many years ago and it is no coincidence that my success started to happen as I embraced it – “my success grew as I grew” and I was hooked… I would attend any training events that I could that were held by my company at the time.

Initially I would read books, listen to tapes and then CD’s (showing my age now). As I began to achieve results I started to invest in myself and would then attend events held by personal development superstars such as T Harv Ecker, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. Events that helped me change my whole way of thinking and change my life.

In my home office, I have a library of self-development books including all the classics like Think and Grow Rich, The Richest Man in Babylon, How to Make Friends and Influence People and hundreds more.

I make an effort to listen to or read at least 30 minutes a day of personal development content.

As my success continued I invested further in my development so I wasn’t just attending seminars but I invested in a personal coach who could help[ me on a 1 on 1 basis.

This I have found incredible.

Working 1 on 1 with trained professionals who are able to educate you, challenge you and help you get a clearer understanding of yourself, life and others can do nothing but good in every area of your life.

I have worked with many coaches over the years and had many mentors. They have all played a major part on my development and I thank them all 🙂

Currently I am working with a lady called Becki Houlston who has been amazing.

Let’s imagine that my brain is a jigsaw and that when I started working with Becki I had 30 pieces of the puzzle in place. As each lesson passed it was like adding another piece to the puzzle.

I was learning about myself, how and why I think like I do and act like I do. I learn’t about other people, why they are like they are and how I need to be in dealing with them.

These lessons changed my life. My relationships with people changed and my business grew.

I write this blog a month into the Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK. Initially as this all started to happen it hit me like a ton of bricks”. I had flashbacks to the 2009 recession where I lost my business and went into huge debt – so this was not a great place to be.

As it all started I went into shock, fear and depression and the first week was not a great one for me…

But luckily as quickly as I went to this dark place I snapped out of it.

Using the knowledge and techniques that Becki has taught me and with the experience of dozens and dozens of lessons under my belt I was quickly able to not just snap out of this “doom and gloom” mindset but quickly start to embrace this period, and see all the many positives it brings both in life and in business.

So this blog is to encourage you to consider buying some books, listening to some audio books and starting YOUR journey of personal development.

There is tons of FREE content you can fine online and I am certain it will help you in life, business and relationships and help you understand yourself that little bit more!!!