The Future.

Is Now.

What I write next is why I became a home-based entrepreneur, because I feel I can predict what will be my future. I bet there are not many people in this position.

The success of The Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel has seen us afforded industry recognition, press accolades and win multiple industry awards.

The rise has been phenomenal and the story continues… to be honest we are only just beginning!

Steve and I are very proud of what we have achieved, and whilst we have great responsibility on our shoulders, we also have a great vision for the future.

Today we are pretty much dominating the Travel Franchise sector in the UK. Soon we will make our offering available in international markets around the world.

Not Just Travel will have new divisions and will be International

Steve and I will create further franchise opportunities both here and abroad

Will help 10,000…

But it won’t stop with travel.

These initial years have seen amazing growth as we have built this business.

Now as we introduce a Senior Management Team and Advisory Board, Steve and I will be free to work on new divisions and projects to compliment what is already here. Plans are already in place and whilst I would love to tease you with what is coming, I have to hold my water as it would give our competitors warning that we are coming to distrupt!!!

We have already built the best business opportunity in travel.

Over the next few years we will keep enhancing and improving the entire offering so that more and more of our franchisees can acquire the skills and knowledge to be successful. We don’t just show them how to be travel agents, we show them how to be successful entrepreneurs!!!

The future is bright and in many ways, we are able to write our own.

Soon Not Just Travel will be a household name sending tens of thousands of people on holiday around the world.
Those that joined us are in the right place at the right time. Those that take action will change their lives.

Why on earth did I spend those first 10 years building someone else’s dream and not my own!