My journey so far…

You will need to read my book to hear my true story but below is a snapshot to fill in some blanks for now…

What I have done in the past has always been a topic of amusement to me as I know most people didn’t have a clue what I used to do – I was an independent distributor in MLM/Network Marketing. Listening to my parents or Jo try explain to people who asked was very funny…

The Beginning.

My entrepreneurial journey began after 10 wasted years working for a major high street bank upon leaving school. This is when I joined my first Network Marketing (MLM) opportunity.

For those who don’t know what that is, think Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Avon and the like… although I was never with any of these companies.


Multiple Business Owner

7 figure MLM Leader – Master Distributor | Corporate Director

Published Author

Multi Award winning Entrepreneur

I finally figured it out.

I started as a Distributor and soon realised you don’t make money just selling the products, the real money is in creating leverage by building a team of distributors, or network of marketers – hence the name Network Marketing.

After struggling initially, I finally fathomed what was needed to succeed and as my personal development grew so did my business.

For many years, I literally travelled the globe, building my business, training my teams and attending events as the International Keynote speaker. I spoke in front of 10,000+ people in Russia alone…

As a distributor, I have made a 7-figure personal income in commission, plus created an incredible subscription based team website to run my business globally.

Losing My Money.

After losing my money in the recession I quickly returned to the MLM industry but this time as a Corporate Director. I took a flagging US MLM company from just under $200K pm in revenue to over $1.4M pm, before we departed company (more on why in my book).

This led me to join their competitors taking 36,000 people with me and millions of dollars in revenue. This was my second “home run”. At the same time, I met my now business partner, and started working with him on an idea he had to franchise his travel agency and today’s Not Just Travel – The Travel Franchise was born.

I built The Travel Franchise in my spare time between 2010 and 2014 at the same time as working corporately for the company named above and then moving to their competitors.

It was the Summer of 2014 that Steve and I created our partnership and went “all in” building The Travel Franchise and the current Not Just Travel, all of which you can learn about in The Present section of this site.


Left school with 4 GCSE’s and got a job. A major mistake which cost me 10 years.

1996 – 2003

Became Secretary of Churchill’s Social Club, Liverpool
As Secretary, I single-handedly ran this business where my parents worked for over 7 years.

1998 – 2001

Distributor: Euphony Communications Ltd – UK Telecoms MLM.
1999 – Reached a leadership level of PC. This was my apprenticeship in MLM.


Quit my job and went full-time in MLM

2004 – 2006

Distributor: Fun for Life Club LLC – Canadian Travel MLM.

2005 – Created Everton FC, Liverpool FC, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Preston North End FC and Glasgow Rangers FC Holiday Clubs. Was official match Sponsor of Wolves v Leicester in The Football League Championship.  This was my first profitable MLM venture and the first time I made 5 figures ($20K) in one month.

2006 – 2008

Distributor: Fuel Freedom International – US Fuel Catalyst MLM.
Reached $1K a week in 9 weeks. $10K a month in 6 months and made c.$500K with 12 months’ effort. My team was over 16,000 distributors in over 100 countries.
3rd highest income earner in Europe. Travelled the world mentoring and developing my team and leaders.

2007 – 2009

Co-Owner: Future Prosperity Ltd – Overseas Property Company. Sold 26 Spanish apartments in 9 weeks @ €21K each.
Employed over 10 staff and created multi-million pound business.


Recession and rogue Spanish developers led to company liquidation and personal debts of c.£500K

2009 – 2012

Director of Distributor Development: Forever Freedom International (Formerly Fuel Freedom Int) – US Fuel Catalyst MLM. Took distributor base from few hundred active (novice) distributors to over 40,000 in 3 years.  Increased sales 864% with the help of just two full time customer service translators. Quit $150K a year job due to dispute with company owners.

2010 – 2014

Franchise Director: The Travel Franchise Ltd – UK Travel Franchise.  Started to build today’s Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel. Recruited over 200 franchisees and developed the business model you see today.

2012 – 2014

Master Distributor: Greenfoot Global LLC – US Fuel Catalyst MLM.  Made $35K in first month – smashed ALL company income and growth records.  Became first and only Distributor to reach Presidential Position.  Built team of 36,000 distributors.  Looked to acquire company before was sold to another US MLM company.

2014 – Present Day

Co-Founder: The Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel Ltd – Travel Franchise & Travel Agency
Recruited over 750 franchisees – as of Jan 20.  Corporate team 40+.  Homeworking Agency of the Year 2015, 16, 17, 18 & 19.  Recognised as one of the Top 50.  Emerging Business Leaders in the UK – LDC & The Telegraph.  See the Present for further information.

Hopefully, this timeline paints a picture of my entrepreneurial journey. There have been up’s and down’s, high’s and low’s but in the main I guess I have been very fortunate (successful) and consistent.

I have made, what for most of us is life-changing income – and have done so by helping tens of thousands of others be successful in their own business.

Whilst there have been a few failures along the way, this is where the “real” learning happened and the life lessons were well and truly learned.

The owner of my last MLM opportunity accused me of not being a recruiter – this was as that company was dying. What he didn’t realise is I didn’t want to recruit anyone else into that business, but that type of comment truly spurs me on and it’s very satisfying, for me at least, to have recruited over 750 franchisees in Not Just Travel and create the fastest-growing travel business in the UK.

I get motivated not just by the money and sense of achievement, it’s the people who say no, or doubt me or go against me that really become my fuel.

The Change – Book 6

Having travelled the world to places such as Russia and Brazil speaking in front of thousands of people I was invited to write a chapter in the “best-selling” personal development book series The Change.

With over 14 books and over 100 co-authors from around the world I am in good company as this series has helped motivate and inspire people from all walks of life.

My particular chapter talks about The Mindset of Success and I relate it to my own particular journey in business.

Click here if you would like to download the book as a free .pdf.

Click here if you would like to purchase the book as a hard copy.

I have touched upon my career and achievements in parts in this site and in my timeline but I wanted to paint the picture a little clearer as it has truly been a rags to riches story and one hell of a journey… I promise you my book will amaze you and widen your eyes so wide as to what it really means to be a home-based entrepreneur!!!

Nutrition For Life: 1997 – 1998

I started in MLM because my mum joined a health and nutrition company who sent her an amazing starter kit full of products, training and marketing materials… it looked amazing and I was hooked straight away. I took the brochures into the bank call centre where I worked and sold a ton of product to my colleagues. At one point I had to hide from the bosses as I brought in so many boxes, and after 6 months I quit my job. A bad move in hindsight as I could no longer get access to my customers, and my small little sales business disappeared over night.

Euphony Communications – Principle Consultant – 1998 – 2001

This is where I realised you had to build a network of marketers (a team) not be a salesman. It was my “apprenticeship” in MLM and I reached one of the leadership levels without really making any money. I helped lots of people save money on their phone bills and built a team of around 2000 consultants. This company opened my eyes to Personal Development, I attended many internal trainings across the country, and started to listen and learn from people such as Tony Robbins… it was with Euphony where I met my MLM mentor and future business partner.

Unicity Network – 2001 – 2002

Another US health and Nutritional company, I followed my mentor and built a small team. This was definitely not a financial success but it did expose me to a lot more learning from some major Multi-Millionaire leaders in the US who were part of my upline. A costly experience but met some good people along the way.

EGolf International – 2002 – 2004

An MLM based around online gaming, specifically advertising using a golf game – which I think attracted me due to my love of golf. Again, a financial disaster, I met some good people and continued both my personal development and MLM development during this time. You don’t appreciate it at the time but this was all part of the journey, character building and invaluable in my development.

Fun For Life Club International – 2004 – 2006

A Canadian MLM based around unused timeshare weeks around the world this is where I first made some money in MLM. I have always been passionate about travel which I think helped me attract people to the business and the product offering. I made £20K in one month as I was getting started (a one off figure based on recruitment) which kind of put me back in the black in my MLM career to-date… just. I recognised the potential in “joint ventures” at this time and created the holiday club for major football clubs such as Everton, Liverpool, Wolves, Preston North End and Glasgow Rangers. I enjoyed this period and was even the official match sponsor of a Championship game between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leicester at Molyneux – however as it was just getting started, Thomas Cook did a deal with the Football League and so individual clubs could no longer do their own travel deals… I was devastated. In addition the MLM company was bought by a time share company and was no longer a business opportunity… my time in MLM was over, or so I thought!

Fuel Freedom International, FFi – 2006 – 2009

My first real success. Having had to borrow the $500 to join from my Mum’s friend Doreen I built a team of over 16,000 distributors in over 100 countries making almost $500K with just 12 months full time effort. I was number 3 income earner in Europe and travelled the world attending events and conferences and as keynote speaker around the world!.  Joining in March 2006 I made $2000 in my first month, was making $1k a week after 9 weeks and over $10K a month after 6 months… life was good. However the company was not the best run, could not cope with the demand and did not have the global infrastructure to support the growth we created. In 2009 I quit as a Distributor to focus on a business I had created 2 years earlier with my business partner which was outside of MLM.

Forever Freedom International (Formerly Fuel Freedom International – FFi) – 2009 – 2012

My career to-date had been as a Distributor, now I was a corporate Director of Distributor Development responsible for all of Europe & Eurasia. When I returned there were only a few hundred active distributors spread across a handful of Eastern European countries and none were what you would call a “leader”. The company sales and growth had fell off a cliff but I was given free reign to do what I could to rescue it and increase sales. The first 12 months where just about survival and steadying the ship. After this sales began to grow and we went from a few hundred distributors to over 40,000. I was incredibly proud of my achievements here, especially as I achieved this with just 2 corporate customer service staff who were also my translators. In just 3 years I increased sales by 864%, implemented a whole host of new training programmes and developed a multi lingual team and company training and development website. Unfortunately my time came to an acrimonious end when my contract and renumeration were changed which resulted in legal proceedings.

Greenfoot Global, GFG – 2012 – 2014

I joined GFG as a Distributor and built a team of over 36,000 Distributors many of whom followed from FFi. In my first month I made $35,000 which is not huge in MLM but it is for month one. I had a two year run with this company breaking all growth and commission records. I was the first Presidential Distributor which gave me a $90 coded bonus on everyone who joined my team – so I earned a lot of money 😊. In addition, I created a team website which again was multi-lingual and was subscription based which was very profitable and helped everyone in my team in their daily efforts. Towards the end of my time with the company I explored a take-over with an MLM lawyer friend of mine but this was not to be (thank god) and I went on to build The Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel.

Shopping Sherlock – 2014 – 2015

At this point I had decided to “park” my MLM career as I became Co-Owner of The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel. Strange I know with my reputation at its highest, well over 7 figures in income, 2 huge “home runs” under my belt but I was tired of the politics and games which go on. I joined Shopping Sherlock as I believed this could be a home for my GFG team. It was a virtual product, had some great field leadership and was already in Eurasia where my team was biggest. I was the fastest Distributor in the company to achieve the Power Rank and built a team of a few thousand distributors which game me a decent income given my involvement. A nice company where I met some great people and is unfortunately no longer with us.

So, as you can see an eventful career which had a very slow start but once started was both lucrative and eventful, to say the least. This period of my life was very character building with the huge up’s and down’s and taught me a lot about business, life and people. I don’t think you should ever look back with regret, in the main my MLM journey was fun and lucrative but the real wealth was in the people I met and the life long relationships which were created. There are many people I can mention but a special thanks to Tony Cheung who was my first ever sponsor and to Cliff Walker (and Bev) who was my MLM mentor, friend and future business partner.